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Daniel Borza


Daniel has dedicated much time into the home building industry. In 1995, he immigrated to Canada as an ambitious 18 year old young man who had previous construction knowledge from his home country, Romania. Being very handy by nature, with great agility and a keen business acumen, he worked with his father, a handy man, every day after school since he remembers in various construction areas: painting, carpentry, masonry, framing, roofing, concrete, electrical, plumbing, renovations, and many more. Arriving in Canada at such a young age, with the wealth of experience he had, he sat out to start a painting business in 1997, that he grown into one of the largest and most successful painting companies in the province of Ontario, Canada. Over the next several years, after much dedication and hard work, Daniel started renovating homes which led him to start building custom houses. These homes have become sought after throughout the Kitchener and Waterloo area in Ontario. Known for the importance they put on craftsmanship and quality, these homes have stood out in the home building industry. To this day, Daniel has built over 30 homes ranging from single homes to multi-units across the Great Toronto Area region in Ontario. These homes were advertised through multiple social media platforms and have caught the eye of many homeowners, investors, and realtors.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and business operating experience, Daniel is continuously driven to develop and implement procedures and systems to ensure the team will complete projects that exceed client expectations within budget. Daniel is recognized for his integrity, his honesty, his reliability, his commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and to a custom-centric approach, as well a great passion to help those around him grow.

As he always says: TEAMS BUILD DREAMS!

Carlos Martinez

Construction Manager

Carlos comes from a humble upbringing, working in factories from age 14 in his home country, Honduras. He helped put food on the table for his family as he was raised by a single mother. This taught him the love of helping others. Since his move to Florida, in 2003, he worked in many areas of construction such as painting, tile and wood flooring, framing, drywall, carpentry, stucco, concrete, waterproofing, kitchen and bathroom renovations and remodeling. All this comprises 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Carlos takes pride in making the clients happy, turning their visions and dreams into reality. His dedication to client satisfaction is exceptional!


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