Oak or Maple?

July 20, 2023

Since the beginning of time there has been a battle between oak and maple, but we’re going to settle this age-old debate right now. So which is better?

For those tossing and turning at night, wondering which wood is going to be more durable on their staircase, you can sleep easy tonight. It doesn’t matter! Oak and maple are both hardwoods. Maple is the more expensive of the two and is more dense, but if you drop a brick on either one, it’s going to leave a big dent! The physical advantages of maple really come into play when you’re making a cutting board, but otherwise it’s a matter of taste.

When it comes to aesthetics, maple has a more bright and uniform surface, making blotches and imperfections stand out more. Overall, it has a cleaner and brighter look. Oak is forgiving. It’s porous, with deep grains, and hides dirt and scratches much better. It has a warmer and deeper tone. Cost aside, don’t let pre-conceived notions or trends direct your decisions on which of these two beautiful woods to go with!

When it comes to staining, that’s where the bigger differences come into play. Maple is notoriously difficult to work, and has to be properly conditioned before staining, otherwise there are risks of blotching and uneven coverage. Oak has a lot more natural variations in the grain, so even if there are some darker spots, they will blend in!

Whichever wood you go with, you’re supporting an important industry with a centrepiece that will last generations!

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